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The 21st century is going to be the most disruptive, contentious period humanity has ever lived through. It will challenge our most sacred ideologies around politics, economics and social constructs. It will force humanity to adapt in ways we can’t yet imagine. There is much to be highly optimistic about, but it will require humanity to unite in respect to our collective goals and purpose. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) we are on the verge of perhaps solving the biggest mysteries of the universe, but AI will also allow us to automate society to provide untold abundance and prosperity. We will soon have the technology to extend our lifespan, to make humanity a multi-planetary species, and to provide for the basic needs of every man, woman and child on the planet. Within a decade or two, we will have retooled most of the world’s energy systems to be completely renewable, and we are starting a journey to reimagine education, healthcare, housing, consumption, food and agriculture with economies built for the 21st century. Authors Brett King and Dr. Richard Petty describe the likely outcomes in this book—the rise of a technology-driven collective social consciousness and purpose.